I'm painfully shy until I get to know people and then I just can't shut the f.uck up....I still find it difficult to talk to people about personal issues
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speaking about personal issues is not easy especially coz people start judging you the moment you start getting too personal. Most people are not interested in listening to your problems but are rather interested in letting their problems known to you. So maybe if you wish to connect with someone on a personal level, a good option would be to first listen to their problems and do not give any opinions about how you feel they should manage their problems. It's easier said than done.. I am trying it but most times I fail. It's more important to keep practicing it though.

I hope however that you are able to overcome your issue and connect with people around you on a personal level to show them how much you care for them..

All the best..

Hahaha, I'm the same way. This site seems to help though.

I am similar in that way...but I have learned from experience that people just want to connect...and if you approach someone, or they approach you...and they are sincere and genuine, then just put out a topic in relation to your issue and see what they bring up...the individuals who bring up real life stories that they have experienced are the best to open up to because they already trust you enough to tell you stories from their lives...and you don't necessarily have to mention all there is about your person issues, just the details you see fit to gain a helpful or supportive response...
I hope you meet someone who brings out the u in you!
stay blessed =)

I just have zero friends and it's quite hard for me to make friends especially since I have a nearly 9 year old daughter I don't connect well with people my age and other moms are so much older I struggle to connect with them as well

thats ok...connect with those around you, be the support you would want them to be...connect with your daughter the way you dreamed you could connect with your mom...be the person she would tell any & everything she would think...then see how we as adults are, just wanting someone we can tell any & everything to and getting a supportive & understanding response without judgement or criticism...
Go to places you would love to go with your daughter or just to be the you that you are without boundaries, where you can enjoy yourself...and you will find someone, or some people who enjoy those places or doing those things just as much as you and a smile here and a wave there would hint at the connection you are looking for, and they are looking for as well...
I know thats probably a lot to take in so may be just stick to this...Be the most comfortable you can be by yourself...and with your daughter...anywhere and everywhere...and the right people will be attracted to you...and you will be attracted to people who give off that same vibe =)

I just act like a weird baby. It helps. I met a few interesting people using this method.

I just get tattoos piercings and dye my hair is colors people talk to me then

That's cool

Would be cooler if I could have more piercings not allowed to wear jewelry at work so I can't get them due to healing time