I Went Cold Turkey 3 Days Ago

Well... not exactly cold turkey but almost! I told myself that the bottle I was having would be the last one. I finished it 3 days ago. Now many people may say that's nothing, but let me tell you, there have been times I've finished an entire 1.5 litre bottle at home and downed a few bottles out of it! I've tried to quit a few times before, lasted longer sometimes than others. But it's taken a toll of my health, my comlexions awful, my haemoglobins fallen, my teeth are beginning to show signs of deterioration and I've been having a lot more zits than I used to... Needless to say, I HAVE to quit this time. Because I've tried plenty of times before... and failed miserably, I thought I'd go the extra mile this time. Get some support from people who know what this feels like and who have some experience in the area or are possibly going through the same? Oh and I don't like plain coke as much as I like it with a glass full of ice that I bite... which is pretty weird I guess... help?
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Hi, if you are biting ice, then you have an iron deficiency. If your teeth are showing signs like that , you definitely have an iron deficiency. I know! Been there, done that. Soda depletes your body of minerals. If you have really strong will power, quitting cold turkey will work. You need to consult a doctor on the iron problem because you can over dose on iron and die.<br />
As for quitting cold turkey from that much soda may work if you have strong will power; however, you should switch to a non-caffeine soda and then decrease from there. Your body craves caffeine at this point. <br />
Drink 8oz of water to every soda that you consume. Yes, you'll pee a lot, but you'll fill yourself up too.<br />
Hope this helps.<br />

I am also a soda addict. I have to congratulate you on 3 days! That would be something to celebrate for me as well. I have never really been too determined to quit, but like you, lately I have seen some negative effects with my teeth. This scares me and I know I should quit. Everyone tells me that since I drink so much soda, that it would be better to ween off of it slowly. Like, I probably drink like 5 sodas a day, so maybe for the next few days I will only drink 3 and then 2 and 1 so on and so forth until you no longer drink any soda. I have never tried this..but it sounds like it might work.