Almost A Bad Thing

Ok, I'm no going to deny I'm addicted. Even besides playing the game, I have an extremely large amount of knowledge of Tamrielic Lore (mostly Nordic religion and history). To say I have above average knowledge on the subject is a drastic understatement, it's bad because what know about their religion and customs rivals my own of the real world. I have myself constantly wondering if there is such this as an Elder Scroll, which seems eerily similar to the Seven Scrolls that will orchestrate the apocalypse and Judgement day.
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Love that game, lots of customization, variation etc. I love how it doesn't force you to go into a quest. Instead, you can choose to roam freely in the Scandinavian- based world, Skyrim.

omg when im writing notes in class, my friends and i wrote in the dragon tongue lol

Me too, I love elder scrolls, can't wait to play Elder Scrolls online. Lol I need an Xbox One. Lol

I'll be honest with you, I played the Elder Scrolls Online beta, it sucked. I hated it, I would never pay the exorbitant amount of money to play it

yea, I heard it was really bad. Many people wanted a Skyrim second edition instead.

It's honestly not the worst idea I've ever heard