I have been bullied by a member in here and posting in everything they like, so it is warning what this person can do to you andYou know I it is hard to be friends with someone that always puts you down. Nobody wants to hear they are moron. Nobody wants to hear false lies that person is saying about them. Nobody deserves the emotional abuse. Good day. I and done. Thank you o
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Piecestothepuzzles is my bully on here.

thn make sure you block that user and report them to EP hun.

Im sorry to hear that, its very sad.
but just out of curiosity how old are you?
coz your profile says 46-50, yet youve said in one of your posts your a student, yet your in two groups that says the age 13-15? and also you have 22 mature stories on your profile.
so im gonna presume your very very young my dear, if you are and you have opened yourself up to some unsavoury characters i would do as sparkels4soul says and block and delete them and just stay away from them.
Also stay away from the disgusting adult contents area on this site young lady coz you will find nasty people on there that if they knew your real age they are the sort that would take it for granted.
even me at 31, i habitually block anyone that has certain contents on their profile coz more than likely they are gonna start all that disgusting talk with me and god only know what else.

And lastly please make sure you report there emails or whatever they are doing to you to EP by flagging up there contents .
I really hope you get it sorted, i wish you the best and be safe on here my dear.

Just block them. I get attached to people too but its best not to do that and just take what people say on here with a grain of salt. If somebody calls you a moron it doesnt make you one, usually people that like to do that sort of stuff its about them and not you. Like i say just block them and forget about it. Its a hard truth, but it is the truth and the best way to deal with people like that. Some people you just cant reach and theres no need to waste the energy trying to.

Why did I get suspended for it?

Add me.