Any Ideas?

We have a business of course it ties up our house completely....I am really ill and getting worse but what can we do? Apparently it is not the time to sell a business and I really cannot face waiting months or years to sell. We did have a buyer who is an owner of a similar business but after messing me around for nearly a year he just walked away, apparently couldn't raise the funds after all. The business is doing fine but I just can't stand the commitment anymore. I hardly go out of the house so my husband who already works full time is left with the lot. Any advice.

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Thankyou I have never even tried sites like this before. It is a good feeling that someone has just listened and taken time out to reply. Thankyou.<br />
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We do employ people between 6 and 8. My husband juggles the business between working full time and helping myself and my son. It is horrible to see him working so hard when I can't support him. If he cracks we are finished.