I Love My Dog

I'm terrified of losing my dog. If anything ever happens to him, I know it will be the end of me. He is my best friend and the most amazing dog in the world. He spent so much of his life in a puppy mill that I would be devastated if anything else bad happens to him.

He follows me everywhere, and is always looking out for me. He'll growl if anyone comes near me while I'm sleeping. He doesn't bark, he doesn't make messes while I'm gone, and he's always waiting on the couch to greet me as soon as I get home.

Sometimes when I'm walking him and a car slows down, I worry that they're going to steal him. I never let him off leash in an area I don't know, and the only people I trust to care for him are my family.

Seeing him happy makes me happy - I've struggled with depression for so long that moments of happiness are rare.
littlecanadian littlecanadian
26-30, F
Dec 16, 2012