I had a few dates but they always end the same. Them telling me I'm not their type or they just don't wanna be with me. I had two girlfriends in all my eighteen years of life. They both broke up with me because I was "boring". I'm shy and insecure of course I'm going to be closed up in Tue begining. My step dad tells me to stop trying. So I have but my heart and mind are both in pain. I want someone to love. And have that someone love me back. No, I don't want a sexually relationship only. Yes, I do want to have sex but I want to make LOVE with the special someone of mine. Whoever that may be. I don't care about looks but that's all people think about. I'm ugly for people so maybe that's it. Maybe I'm just destined to die alone
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I feel the same way I want that true love... Yes I want and love the sex but its much better when the person loves you the same as you do... You know what you want and thats smart and happy to hear those guys were nice enough to tell you the truth ahead of time rather just use you for sex and than dump you later... YOu deserve your equal... I am a bit shy myself sometimes very goofy especially when I would try to hard to laugh and giggle... Don't feel alone I feel the same way... I thought I was alone till your story..

I know where you are coming from!
I find that horrible of those girls to say those things, they shouldn't have dated you if they weren't ready to love you and embrace all of you!
Whether they be the good or bad, I believe that if they truly love you they would accept all of you!
From what you have written, I think you have a beautiful heart, and I think you should protect that until someone is worthy of sharing theirs with you.
I don't think you'll die alone! You still have many years ahead of you to meet your special person!

Thank you. Like wow. That means alot

You're very welcome! :)