People react negatively to my attitude. My attitude is reserved because I expect people to act negatively towards me.

It's so difficult to end the cycle and open up when I'm so used to people acting towards me with distaste.
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

If someone really is interessted in you girlfriends or boyfriends they will try look beyond this and take there time and patience to get to know you better and funny thing is you will open up easier with the right person...sometimes people will get send our ways that are really worth trying giving them a little tiny chance to let them in...

My husband is similar, like said in a previous story...if you see him the first time you think what the heck is this ...he is really shy nervous and totally acting he has a handful of friends they looked beyond that gave him time and patience and i found him...and i am totally open straight forward positive and totally cought him of guard and he opended up so quickly with me like he never experienced himself as he told me as he never thought this would happened ...when he talks about it he gets a huge smile on his face...and i gave him the time and patience he needs even still he gets like that sometimes...and i know i make the effort and so will someone make the effort with you...its worth waiting and picking out the people you surround you with...