How Much Is Too Much

The wall that keeps me safe is hidden well. It shall not fall easily. I myself am afraid of the torrent of feelings that will gush forth if penetrated.

I have said too much.

I shall begin to rebuild at once.



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5 Responses Jun 13, 2007

I'm afraid of opening up to people and letting them see the real me. The good side of me. Not he bad a** chick that thinks she is too good for anyone.

poetic - beautifully said!<br />
<br />
and I know the feeling!

Yes, you ARE free here. I'm finding people very supportive and once you admit something, it sometimes looks a lot smaller. Try to share something and see.

ewww ... & i noticed something to do with a rattle snake ?? <br />
Im almost ready. thankyou

Nothing is too much for us in here, if you bust down the wall long enough to share it! I mean, come on! People are sharing pee, spit, and pooping in the grass!