Anyone knowing my own personal experiences won't be supprised that I'm against it, but what is "it" exactly? Child abuse. It's not always sexual, not even physical... it's taking away a child's childhood... the state of mind in which the child, or teenager, still experiences the world out there, away from its ego, child-like or rather as a child at that age normally would experience. Child abuse is thus basically anything that robs a child from this state of mind too early... I'm against child abuse and teenager abuse too. The persona of any human being needs to come out of its shell quite naturally and without anyone from the outside using force on it in any way. An young human being is a like delicate egg. Just try to take care of just one egg for a fortnight!
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I agree with you. I run a 5K race every year that supports this cause. We need more people involved.

I know and if the person who did that is your mother it's more difficult to get believed. For me she did more damage than others have.

in any form when a child looses his childhood and has to be part of the cruel world should be regarded as Child Abuse.

Some by the society.. some due to act of god.