Bout that bass no treble. I'm all about that bass bout that bass no treble
NicoleGabriella NicoleGabriella
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 23, 2014

Me to I am the same way


Sweet I actually play the bass guitar

Sweet! i play the classical

Nice I have to small bass amp to bass pedal and to bass guitars that's really cool

nice! how long u been playin?

Maybe 2 years

same here!:)

Really that's cool!


So what type of music do you play?

ummm well i know 2 songs well more but 2 main ones are hey there delilah and i forgot the other name and u>


Yeah u?

I play in a worship band and I do worship music I actually play in a collage band

Sweet! u know light the fire?

No I don't know it




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