Lonley, Ugly Person

I would start this thing with i'm so ugly, umm ugly= LIKE A MONSTER AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok anddd i hate being hated by everyone. Everyone hates me and i know that they think i'm ugly, but they don't have to TELL me WITH bad words that they hate me. I wish i was dead i don't like living alone! i hate myself! i want to die i hate people i hate EVERYTHING! the end.. :(

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

I bet you just are not seeing things clearly.,..you judge yourself as "ugly"....but you are probably really a beautiful person....and if you ended your life what a waste it truly sounds that you are a gift to this world......take a deep breath smile and get out and mingle even if you feel alone in the crowd look for someone standing alone and go say HI....make some friends...no matter what age sex color religion..sex orientation...meet as many people as you can in one week....pass your number out to everyone you meet...

Everyones Happy and smiling, they talk on their mobiles all day. They go places together and have fun. They visit each other, share hobbies and interests together. Finding friends is easy keeping them away is harder.<br />
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But when your ugly your all alone like, people treat you like a disease. No body phones you nobody visits you. Even your own kids resent you no birthday cards, no suprises ever. You try hard to make friends you give, give, give but no it never works your still all alone.<br />
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When you die you will have no one at your funeral not even your kids.<br />
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It's hard to stay alive without commiting suicide so you must keep busy all the time.<br />
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You see this is how hard it is for someone who is UGLY . It's a cruel world.<br />
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Yet think of this if you are a criminal or on drugs and drink you never are short of friends so what's the world comming to.A good person with a good heart does not count, you have to be nice looking!