Just Want My Old Body Back

I met a guy in high school and fell in love. He was my first and only for five years. Seven months into our relationship I got pregnant. I was a baby having a baby. I always wanted kids, but Lord I was just 16. My son was born and not a month after I got pregnant with my daughter. I love my kids more than anything in the world. God knows I've been through hell for them. What I don't love is my body after I had them.
I've tried everything I can think of to lose weight. Pills, diets, being active daily, not eating, but nothing is helping me lose all this weight I gained during pregnancy. I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror. I start crying when I see it or even think about it really. I use to have a pretty nice body. I just want it back. Not just for appearance purposes, but health purposes. I feel so blah alit of the times. I have knee problem s where my legs aren't use to carrying so much weight and I believe I have arthritis. I just want to be able to play with my kids without being in pain the whole time. ANYBODY, if you can help me or just have helpful advice on how to lose this weight I'd be so grateful. God Bless!
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