I find that I'm always trying to figure myself out, questioning things and feelings that I'm experiencing. For some reason I 'm more critical and have greater expectations than I need to have of myself, I know this but find myself always keeping myself in check. Very curious too me.
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Thanks for your comment, Funny but I'm a very independent self assured woman, it just feels to me that I chew on an Idea or decission a long time before making a decission. I think it is because I lost my husband over two years ago and he was always there to help me make those decissions. Funny how you find out just how much you depended on a person after he or she is no longer there to bounce things off of.

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nothing wrong with that, but too much self criticizm leads to the acknowledgement of self littleness and perhaps lack of self worth?..a good thing but not when it is pushed to far