There are various things in my life that confuse me. Why can I no longer do 100 pushups at a time? Why does it seem like there's more unrest nowadays then there was in the past? Why do people make fun of people just for having odd interests? Sometimes, thinking about this stuff gets me really mad and I have to stop. Nevertheless, I won't quit until I find some good answers.
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1 Response Sep 1, 2014

I use to be so fit and now, we'll not so much at all. I think it seems to be tht way because now everything is globalised, I mean you find out things about different places and everything else so much easier with the internet, information is more widely available nowadays. And yes I totally agree, everyone is different and I think to am extent everyone has strange interest, my theory is people who make fun of other people because of this are doing out of jealousy, since they prob think similarly but society dictates that is wrong, so they either don't agree with being able to express those thing freely or simply feel so trapped themselves at no being able to speak about things things so dislike that other people can, as well as maybe being in denial themselves( long message sorry xD )

It's perfectly all right. I appreciate the insight!