I'm An Ant

Yes I love sweets. candies!!  I wonder why i'm not fat?? I should be fat with all the candy i eat!!
Secretpoem Secretpoem
22-25, F
4 Responses Jul 28, 2007

Well, I wouldn't exactly complain about that. =D

i eat lots [too much] junk as well! i do love my choccies and salty chips... i think i will blow up to hu-massive proportions in my old age! it's hard to curb the cravings, hey?

YUP, three cheers for high metabolism!! HIPS HIPS Hurray!! HIPS HIPS HURRAY!! HIPS HIPS HURRAY!!!!!!! by the way i like your avatar thetardydodo, its gummy bear red!! yumm o_0

Ants are great! So diligent and intrepid! And they have little waggly antennas. Yup, I like ants. Even when they are stealing all the candy and eating it with all the impunity of someone with a high metabolism :D