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im not anti spirituallity or somebodies choice or decision to believe in a god
its just where they tell you what to do
and who to dislike that i have a problem with.

religion segregates,judges and hates or puts certain people higher  than other people+creates divisions in society+ prejudices against sections of society 
to me organised religion is divisive and can not work within a multicultural society
really its organised religion and the doctrine that it entails that im  talking about
(can i just point out this is just my opinion+not me judging those who do believe in a religion)
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Happy to be your new sissy friend, Marcy

I am also...but I think I am more agnostic that atheist. I want to believe there is a God, but doubt there is anyone up there looking down on me. Seems a fairy tale.