Camille Claudel


I like the sculptor Camille Claudel. The art world has never given her the credit she deserves. Rodin’s sculptors only began to show movement after he met Camille Claudel. Only because she was a women could the “Art World” get away with the extreme disrespect that has been given her…DD  
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1 Response May 20, 2009

WynHaven, I just don’t believe you. You have more emotions in the tip of your little finger then most “normals” do. I bet you get a pond full of tears when ever you see any piece of art with a child, human, deer etc…OK? You can spank me if I am wrong. OK? Or if I am right! ROTFL…DD

MissBebe, I like "The Call to Arms/Revenge" a lot. I would like to have a replica/copies. I sometimes have little fantasies about steeling this awesome sculpture. The saddest thing about being a sociopath, even one who has worked hard to expand his feelings, is that I have little emotional response to music and art. However, when I was bored but polite and walking through a museum when I saw what I call “Revenge”. I was stunned. I almost cried. I have spent most of my adult life filled with rage and seeking revenge for something that happen to me when I was young. This work of art captured the essence of what I feel. HA! I am too old and ill to care what others think when I expose my “soul”. I savor the raw feeling of emotional pain even now. <br />
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Truth is I like the works of Camille Claudel because she represents the incessant and omnipresence repression of women since the suppression of Wiccan and the sacred Goddess Religions. That plus she is extremely beautiful…DD