I'm An Artist

I'm an artist, i see art in everything,. I'm studying fine arts, I'm more into dancing and theather but  painting and sketching is a hobby I love.  I remember my first paint set, it was a set of pastel colors and my mom bough it for me because i practically beg her to buy it. I like oil painting on canvas or sketch with charcoal now. I like surrealistic/fantasy and landscapes being the center of my paintings...why? I live in a normal , I need something different, I need another perspective.

I like to sketch a lot, specially sketch people around me. Sometimes I go to the park and sit to sketch......a couple  walking their dog......some elders talking....... theres always someone to sketch. Theres always a momento to "put on the paper, and save it forever" .Its so amazing look the happy faces of  the people when i gave them the sketch, sometimes they want to pay me for it, i never accept .

dancing............my passion, when I was younger my mom sign me on ballet dancing hoping i would calm my hyperactivity, i thank her she sign me in She gave me another passion...and yeah I used to have a tutu ( don't know the english name for it sorry)the cute ballerina skirt, then i sign to salsa....ball room....name it..... to my dancing it's a natural need my body needs , dance is transmit a feeling  and emotin with a movement. salsa= happyness tango= passion  ball= romance hip hop= strengh/sexyness........

Theater , I love it because being an actor, gives you the oportunity to be someone else. To became someone you never knew you could be or someone you have always wanted to be. It gives you the oportunity to do things you would never do in real life.

I love arts in all its aspects, I believe I born to do this, arts is the only way I could be myself, I dont want to be famous , I just want to do what I love

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the world is a gallery your words are poetry the dance is entrancing this is the life