A Matter Of Accepting

For a long time artists were saints for me.  They belonged to a superior breed.  Maybe they were angels.

In my deepest self I was an artist too, but I would never have said it in public.

At one point in high school, when my results were extremely red, I won a national painting contest.  Before that several professional advisers, investigating my sorry case, came to the same conclusion: art school. 

When the news about the contest broke with the mail, my final evaluation of that year was just in and it was catastrophic in every field. 

My poor parents gave in.  Art school it would be.  I decided otherwise. 

I had proven to be an artist and I would be one forever, no matter what my further education would be. 

Finally and after a lot of other turbulence, I went to the university and got a fine career, but  the pencil and the brush never have been out of sight.

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

I'm glad you found your passion :)