4 Sgt... You Make Me Intense!

I am sitting thinking about you and there are the physical signs, wetness between my legs, nipples hard, and that little sigh that you love so much escaping my lips.  Nothing compares to you in my life; you are the one that has made me feel the deepest and most intense sensations among all the loves I've had in my life.

I would like to squeeze you, feel you penetrating me in a thousand ways, bite you, lick you, caress you, have you throw me on the bed, on the couch, on the table, give you pleasure until you explode with me. At times my thoughts are so intense I feel my body tremble with pleasure and I have to touch myself. I wait impatiently for the time when I'll have you and I assure you that you will never have felt such pleasure in your whole life and will never feel it again even after death.

I have always given so much when I make love to the man in my life, but with you it's different. It comes naturally to give to you more effortlessly, to give you all of me completely without reservation, and to be every thing that you want both inside and outside the bedroom.

Now enough talk about sex, but before close my post I want to tell you that you are my greatest fantasy. It doesn't matter where or when- you are always part of my every fantasy; you are my only common denominator in all of them. It is your face I see when I close my eyes to dream.  At times when I think of you I have the feeling that our souls were fused in the beginning and we are destined to become immortal together.  Life without love, without the need for you, was hell; your touch, your attention, your love, your beautiful masculine voice now those are true ecstasy. I would defy time for you, trade a million days to live one with you.  I think that our happiness and our life together are like a rosebud- it's full of thorns (the distance) but when it blooms the entire world stops to admire it.

PS: Intense enough love for you? lol

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6 Responses Mar 14, 2010

This is a very personal post for me.

Oh no you didn't lol I am more the wh*re... attention wh*re.

In my story, I called you a "*****".

I am laughing now mewold but I was thinking of my military man. I am missing him right now.

Crap. First it was "Naked in Bed". Now it's " Intense Lover". Do I have to write ANOTHER story just to keep up with you? Actually, I loved this story and wished it was me you were thinking about. But I know it wasn't because you weren't laughing. lol

thanks mother.