What Needs 2 Be Ashamed Of??

im an open-minded person(really) n i dun mind talking 2 whoever wanna talk 2 me. but sadly there's a boy in my class gave me a letter,gasp, saying he wanted 2 make friends! (wtf?!) who would do dat? why dont he just approach me n talk 2 me or ask me whatever he want instead of giving me letter(through his friend!!)?? ** boys. i really3 dun get them! but im planning on approaching and tell him (after dis 1-week school holidays) to just ask or talk whatever he want 2 me. plus, we're only classmates! i love 2 add more people on my frienz list.

KissinCoffin KissinCoffin
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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

..... But can u have sex with a non Muslim?