Well Look Who's Running

It's ******* Mitch McConnell. Soon to come around to ask for my vote. Can't wait to tell ya to **** OFF! Remember me Mitch I'm your neighbor. The one that walks past your condo everyday. On my roller walker. The one you vote against for easy handicapped accessibility. So your neighborhood business buddies don't spend money for it. Come home and see how many have closed now. Because your baby Boomer neighbors are starting to retire.

Well we don't support the neighborhood business anymore. The dumbass owners don't help us to get in with our walkers and wheelchairs. So they cry and go out of business. Well **** them we go where we can get in.

Well ******* Mitch McConnell the self proclaimed FISCAL CLIFF HERO hahaha hahaha. You didn't do ****. You were pushed into the corner big mouth with your demands. Mr most powerful man in Washington. You're nothing but a *******. You even got booed in your home state yesterday with that fiscal cliff hero comment. And now the group is out to get your sorry *** out of your job.

And we know what Harry Reid told you. Don't accept the deal. Then you can go home Christmas and face your neighbor's. And explain why they didn't get their unemployment Check. So they could get the kids toys out of layaway.

Remember me Mitch McConnell. I'm now the baby Boomer neighbor that's now retired. The one you want to stop cost of living raise. You're in for a surprise. Because your baby boomers retired sand together with our walkers and wheelchairs and say **** YOU NOT OUR VOTES.

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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

He been a bum for years. But people really unhappy maybe they get rid of him
This time

McConnell always votes for the VAWA to hate men and destroy families too. Haters are not needed in DC. Carpe Diem