Generalizations Come From Somewhere

Generalizations, like gay men molest little boys, come from experiences that people have. They generalize from the particular experiences they have to the general population of their abuser. The fact is that despite protestations to the contrary gay people do molest. Lesbians do seek out women who have not openly declared themselves gay and attempt to introduce them to the pleasures available. It is disingenuous to suggest otherwise. Is it fair that all gays are seen in the same light as the percentage that molest? No, of course not, but life is that way. People generalize. Gayness occurse on something of a bell-shaped curve. All gays do not have matching characteristics.Some are religious. Some are athiests. Some are mongomous, some are promiscuous. Some are hyper-sexual, some are not.

It would be fallacious to reason that because you don't use postiional advantage (scout leader, religious professional, teacher, medical professional, camp counselor, etc.), that no gay individuals misuse position.

That straight men and women do many of the same things doesn't change that reality.  It does not make it less significant.  Whatever the orientation, the touching of children is wrong. An honest reading of the posts on EP will show that a high number of posters were sexually initiated at a young age.  As a teen, more than one gay man in a position of trust attempted to seduce me, though I was straight. Some were more aggressive than others.

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Gay people are just as equal and just as human as straight or bi- or pan- people are... so they have the same tendency to abuse as anyone else.
Sexual orientation isn't a factor in sexual abuse, things like gender, patriarchal society and so many more factors are.

I have known of molesters of both genders. Women are different from men. A male is going to respond very differently when it is an older woman who "molests" him. It does happen, and a fair amount of the time. However, because maleness is different from femaleness a male might welcome the advances, thinking he is special, much like some girls welcome the advances of older boys, not realizing that what is taking place is not in their best interests.

It's not that gay people don't abuse, they do.
It's that there's not a heightened chance that they will any more than any other adult.

I was strictly abused by heterosexuals.