Yeah, I'm Really Pissed.

This is more a rant than a story. I'm pissed. I had a great day today, and it has ended great. It's three in the morning. I didn't get laid, but I don't even wish for that anymore, I know it won't happen. But my day was great. My night has been great, and now it's over. Done Finis. For a guy who don't get laid, having a great day is, well, great. And nothing can really go wrong wih it. So what if I got shot, I still had a great day!
I'm angry though. Soon I'll be down. Not depressed, just down..Cause it's over. It's three in the ******* morning. I can't wring any more happiness from the day, cause it's gone. Just have to be alright with what I have. Over, done, welcome back to life socklord. More dirty socks. A man can get tired of dirty socks. I wouldn't mind being done with life. Not that I'd ever. ever take my own life. That'd be wrong.
I'm a ******* eunuch. I'm so ******* happy at havng a good day, I can ignore my sexlessness. How ******* lame am I?****, I hate myself, and my life when I think about it. I should teach a class called Creative Unthinking. Teach widows and those bereaved by the loss of thier pets. Yeah.
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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

me too. i had a lousy xmas. doing part time work for this guy and he askd me work 3 hours xmas day left me here 12 1/2 not that anyone cared cause the family never contaced me. and i sent ma and step pa gift cards you think i get thank you no and its hot and crazy weather and my psycho brother the drug addict who pretended to comit suicide last month (got a text from his psycho girlfriend) texted me and i told him to **** off. am getting stronger, trying really hared to write my book, get it all out and i hate xmas and i miss the west coast beaches and black sand and san francisco bay and i have run out of typewriter ribbon (no computer at home!) and im writing stories in my head. and hitting women? i mean women hit men all the time. i agree there are some examples. i do... but my sunflowers are like 10 inches tall, the cat has stopped throwing up on the carpet, the snails havce disappeared, the birds are crazy at 5am so there is some joy in the world and i want to join a writing group or get advice or support (please!) and i think will give up this part time work, came in today for ;two hours, been 8 already not paid enough and the sun is shining there is a man who wants to date me and im feelng shallow and pointless enough... i tried to get my palm read, my life is crazy but there are stories here and its okay. my frend in LA said write to me, tell me good things in my life andi say grapefruit fru ju iceblocks, parsley, celery ready to pick, lynyrd skynyrd up loud, talking heads. good books, a good sleep with no nightmares<br />
and even the stinking loud birds... there are kids next door that scream all day. from joy. i remember that, cornwallis beach, piha, bush sleeps, sleeping under trampolines, bicycles and popsicles. am i bitter and crazy right now? actually im tired . i got too much stuff to do ie writing and no type writer ribbin and im hopin geveryone survived xmas and found their lost socks