There is a girl I know, a friend of my niece, who is going to get some bloke in big trouble soon. She is 14, but with the body of an 18 year old. She is one of the sexiest girls I have seen. There is no way I would try anything with her, but god, am I tempted. She has posted on a social network site that she has had loads of sex, and given many blow-jobs, and has admitted that she's a ****. She dresses to tempt, and each time I've seen her with my niece she looks so ******* horny. Oh dear, if only.

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Im 14 so I guess im considered "jailbait" lol :)

hey, i dated a 40yr old woman with her 18yr old girl. i was ******* her mon when her girl came into the bedroom naked and droped her ***** on her mom's mouth. wow, i keep fuckibg her mom and maded her cun 10 times. then i eat and **** her girl. now i live with them and we **** and **** alot of times in the day

If they give u the chance take it.

juicy you should add me up and well talk more ;-)

im a jailbait and it kinda turns me on when older men look at me like they wanna do stuff to me :)

do you have a myspace?

I'll look at your pictures and let you know what I think

Dude it's jail bait DO NOT DO IT~!

zoeyc please add me love to be your friend you look so sexy and hot

Of course I have mastubated thingking about her, my niece and my neices friend.

Zoey, add me and we can discuss stuff xx

Man you need to spend some quality time with your niece, and see what happens. Let us know how things work out. ;) Good luck!

I have thought about that actually. And even though she is too young to contemplate, she is an attractive girl too, and has filled out in all the right places. I have noticed that she is looking at me differently, more as a young woman than a relative, and I must admit I am looking at her differently too.

If your niece runs with her she is probably doing tricks too. I had a niece, several years younger. She would sit on my lap and move around like she was ready to screw. French kissed too. At first I thought she was being cute, but she was a ****. I loved it.