Slutty Waitress

For a period of time I ran a restaurant and had about 50-60 employees. During this time I interviewed this 20 year old girl who literally came to the interview wearing a low cut blouse and short skirt. Now as much as every man wants to say they can resist hiring the new slutty server, it became difficult to do in reality. She was very petite with an incredible figure, cute face, and bubbly personality. She walked in the door smiling, hips swaying in her six inch heels. She pretty much had the job as long as she was experienced.

(Fast forward - two weeks after she starting working) It was a Sunday morning which is pretty much a few hours of doing the weekly books for me while my staff prepped food for opening. This particular morning she was scheduled and another staff member was running late, leaving it just me and her in the place. I'm sitting at my desk, papers and receipts all over, head buried in a calculator when I feel two little hands start rubbing my shoulders. I turn my head and literally smack into her chest. Embarrassed I say, "oh damn sorry" and not much else. She laughs it off stating how they always seem to get in the way. She continues with my shoulders. It feels great. She's should have been a massage therapist rather than working in restaurant. I turn back to facing forward. She tells me I'm way too tense as her hands move from my shoulders to my neck. At this point I'm really getting relaxed while she is obviously working towards something else. I know this and yet don't really stop her. Her hands drop down to my chest, arms wrap around me, her face right next to mine.

She whispers in my ear, "I know exactly what you need to really relax you."
I reply, "Oh really and what did you have in mind?"

She pulls my chair around and sits right on my lap. I'm stunned that this young girl is so damn aggressive. I do my best to back her down a bit. At this point I'm wondering what she's after. Is it some game she's playing? Is she looking for a sexual harassment suit? Just some challenge? I didn't know and wasn't certain I wanted to find out.

Moments later there is a knock at the back door. The sound startles us and she jumps up quickly. Not all that focused I attempt to go back to what I was doing while she grabs the door. Before she heads over, she looks down, smirks, and says well I guess someone was enjoying this. The day continues pretty uneventful.

(Two days later) One of my assistant managers had a family emergency and had to leave early. That meant I would be staying for the dinner shift and closing the place down. Of course it turned out that my little slutty waitress was working. The night was very busy, dinner was going well when I hit the storeroom for some supplies. I swear this girl was just waiting to pounce as she appeared in the storeroom immediately after I got there and proceeded to the isle where I was located. She's wearing a a short black skirt, black tank top, and those same damn six inch black heels. She gives a coy smile and proceeds to (of course) bend over to get something off the lowest shelf. Her short skirt rides up to about an inch below her *** cheeks. Rising back up she excuses herself as she comes toward me, pushing her chest into mine, and giving me a direct look down her shirt. At this point I sort of lost it. I decided to risk it and turn the tails on this little thing. I spun her around, pushed her against the back wall and kissed her while allowing my hands to forcefully roam her nice little body. Things heat up, our lips and tongues working some quick overtime, my hands roam under her shirt to her chest. And just when she starts breathing heavy, I backed up and walked away leaving her in the isle panting like a puppy. I headed back to the front of the restaurant. She recomposes herself, flys by me on the way to one of her tables and quickly says, "You suck, you'll pay for that!" I'm sure I will, but I'm really not worried about it.

The night goes on and things die down. It's about an hour before closing and staff are cleaning up. I start looking over the sales sheet at my desk when she rolls into the office. She looks down the hallway to make sure no one is around and grabs my head kissing me hard. One hand moves downward to my crotch, she is obviously trying to take control again and I'm not having it. I grab both her arms, spin her around and place them on the desk. In a swift move, the door slams shut. Looking down I notice it appears she was thrown off guard. She's bent over the desk and no longer trying to control the situation. I'm now thoroughly turned on by the sight of it. I quickly move behind her, pulling her panties down and checking out her sweet little *** in the process. No time to waste, I unzip my fly, pull out my ****, and bury it in her without a word. She gasps as it slides in, her body rocking slightly forward, her wetness inviting me to go deep. The warmth rushes around my **** as I waste no time pounding her, the sound of my hips hitting her *** while she breathes heavy. I move faster and harder, my **** going in and out like a well oiled piston. Both now breathing heavily, the desk creaking at every thrust, her body jerks. I feel her ***** tighten and release around my **** as it rams forth, she's about ready to go and thank god because I am too. A few more strong thrusts and she lets out a deep moan. Her body rigid, my **** gripped tightly bringing me to the edge. Moving forward again, my **** is aching badly in her *****, her legs now shaking, I'm going to explode. One last thrust, I'm spent, my **** erupts inside her, I hold on as I feel lightheaded. I slump down onto her back, out of breath, while *** continues pumping out. Her cheeks now flush, she mumbles something about needing that as I pull out and get myself together. She grabs her panties (now on the floor) and races to the bathroom to clean up.

I returned to work, wondering what would happen now. Days passed, we never repeated that night, and eventually she landed another job. On her last day she gave me a penny with her date of birth on it and told me that if I ever wanted to redeem it for another night that she would be more than happy to oblige. I told her I'd probably wait until she was happily married just to add some drama. Sadly we lost touch after I left the place and it closed a few years afterward.
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Oct 22, 2013