I Married Her

I called a young lady a wench once and she got all upset.  I said at least I didn't call you a ****.  She said, "what's the difference"

A wench is a happy go lucky girl, (think barmaid) who likes to flirt and be sassy.  She is almost always good in bed, but will usually need some motivation to sleep with  you (possible boy friend, very good looking)

A **** will usually sleep with you, your buddy, and anybody hanging around who might be a good time.  She is all about getting it from whomever she wants, whenever she wants, for whatever reason she wants.

The naughtiest, sluttiest girl I ever met, I married.  That tells you what kind of guy I am.

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9 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Damn, you must be a very lucky and happy man!

me too

Best description I have read.

She sounds like a lot of fun!

Bravo! Life is full of decisions and you made a Great One!

I love naughty wenches.... Add me please.

My wife's numbers are opposite to levoux4321,15 before we met 50 since we're married,works for us too : )

I've yet to find a girl who was dirty enough for me! But should one day I be so lucky, I'll hold on to her too. :D

That's why my husband married me was because I was a **** and would **** him or anyone else. Within the first week of dating him he asked me if I would have a problem with ******* him and his friend at the same time I told him no problem!

btart-sounds like your my kinda girl, I am sure your husband appreciates his **** as much as I do mine, thanks for commenting

gettingsum....Well said! We agree!

Often we make decisions other's may refuse, yet we choose our own paths in life? Good for you!

Thank you