I Definately Understand This Group.


I do agree that because of the media portraying all Muslims (Except for the Canadian show "Little Mosque on the Prairie") as Terrorist. The reality is only 5% of Muslims are Terrorists.

I think that all Ring-Winged Christians are Terrorists. Why are they going into remote villages in third world countries and scaring the locals into thinking that their deities are the devil? When the truth is the Christian God is the real Devil in this world.

I am saying this as a Pagan. And I also should mention that I am not against all Christians. I am against any Ring-Winged thinker (No matter what religion they are) who thinks that their religion is the BEST religion and the only one.

Midnight Starr
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You fool..see n open ur eyes what is going on in Iraq...Muslim terrorist treating innocent people like animal and killing them rudely..now what is there for justification ..muslims are cruel killers and devils they dont want peace and love..further..they are fighting for a wild goose cheese without any solid ground.

i am also i think others are using the ideas of a few and trying to make all of them look bad

My religion has no devil in it at all. I just usually make a joke about it and say that Ring-Wing Christians are the Pagan's only devil.

good common sense <br />
there is no devil except the one u make out of people around u <br />
some of them maybe sick from any religion , but no devil