The logo for this group started me thinking about something that gets into the news every now and then, even though it doesn't deserve to be. That is the oft quoted myth that President Barrack Obama is a Muslim. I don't have anything against Muslims, and have many EP friends who are Muslims. But I don't blame all Muslims for terror bombings and Bin Laden, just like I don't blame all Christians for para-military groups or Waco-style nut cases. Obama is not a Muslim. Just because his name appears to be Muslim, he isn't. We see him on television and in still shots going to church, a Christian church, with his family. I'm an agnostic and I don't take sides with any religion, but I respect them all, as they should all respect each other. Christians and Muslims, and Jews, have more in common than many of them know. Rejoice in the similarities and tolerate the differences. By the way, Obama is an American citizen, born on US soil. I'm tired of hearing all this bullshit, so, please, can we get on to some Bush bashing again?
IanMatthew IanMatthew
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Like FDR said, "The only fear is fear itself."

Indeed, IM.....indeed!!!

If you tolerate others the world will be more peaceful.

I quite agree with all points you make....very well thought out, and succinctly expressed! (Funny how an agnostic and a Christian could be so........similar....in their values! Tolerance and understanding do "miraculous things"!!)

I appreciate the comments.

Well said, IanMattew! Thank you for this story.

think they have become a new target of the people that wants us to belive in god by there standards not by what we feel god is