People Using Religion To Push Evil Agendas Are What Causes Assumptions.

Now if you ask a random person what they think of Islam... you can get a variety of answers. Many times, unfortunately, the answer will be "it's an evil religion full of murder and terrorism". Now I'm a firm believer in "terrorism has no religion". These people that are harming others that say they are acting in the name of Allah... it's simply not so. Open a copy of the Quran; it will say specifically that you are not to harm others.

It's often a case of listening only to those who preach instead of actually reading the holy book. I know it's not nice to think about, but people lie- even those in positions of leadership. These Muslims living their daily lives, they are just like you and I, they don't want to go around harming others just for having different beliefs.

So sad that these good people get a bad name because of the actions of a loud minority. I hope eventually more people can invest in the concept of "every individual is an individual". We all have the ability to think and act for ourselves even if it means outside of what somebody else tells us or what we are expected to be.
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Such wisdom for one so young. I agree that people who use terrorism have no religion. If we were to assign terrorism a religion -- as we have with the Middle Eastern -- we would have to include Christianity as a terrorist religion (which it is not). There is the IRA in Ireland, the The National Liberation Front of Tripura in India, Anders Behring Breivik of Norway, The Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda, and the KKK in America to name a few professed Christian groups that engage in terrorism. Terrorism is a crime committed by individuals and groups; not a religion.

I dont know about your religion and reason why did you write in support of muslims and Islam. I salute your approach. I am a muslim lives in a muslim country but I dont see Islam in my own country man, my leaders my scholars and religious taboos have no idea of islamic teaching. Most intresting thing about these people's way of thinking is to keep ordinary man deprived of true knowledge of islam otherwise a common man would ask about the credibility of thses so called leaders of religion. Islam is very simple and logical religion and can be understood easily by reading Quran and few supporting books. You will be surprised to know that only fraction of muslim have read quran and understood it so they can easily be cheated by any one claiming a religious person.I can challenge people who think Islam is responsible for terrorism that let people know islam and you will see a complete change in the world.

yes they seem to be the current scap goat for all the troubles in the world