There are certainly some radical extremists in the world, but not all Muslims believe what is pasted as the "majority's" belief all over the media. And there is a certain level of negative evidence that doesn't help their case. If only people realised that the extremist Muslims are in the minority the world would be more peaceful. It's unfair that Muslims all get tarred with the same brush, just because they are what they are. It's rather stereotypical and hope that one day the world will see that they don't all think the same way!
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funny thing, not even the MAJORITY of Muslims believe that. if you check out the statistics of the people who rioted over the video, for example, they only represent 0.01% of the Muslim population.

The estimation is that there are at least 1.1 billion Muslims in the world (Some say there are more then 1.5 billion).<br />
If only 1% are the fanatics that would mean there were at least 11 million who are actively supporting or actually carrying out terrorist attacks or financially supporting and helping such attacks.<br />
11 million is a heck of a lot to have to worry about and no one will convince most people who see the evidence that the % is any less then 1% (most will agree it's a lot higher QUITE a lot higher, in fact.).<br />
<br />
If the majority are against the fanaticism how come they don't actively condemn it, even in the West where the are free to do so?<br />
The biggest leaders who are accepted as leaders by most Muslims will never condemn specifically the terror attacks on Jews in Israel as fanatical terrorist attacks and use those words specifically.<br />
They might when asked about it, say they are 'against all terrorism' but will not specifically by name say that the attacks on Jews are terrorism and evil because they in fact, do support it.<br />
<br />
Many of the same ones who say that there are so few who are fanatics are the same ones who will see a single story about a Jew doing something to a Muslim and not only automatically assume it must be true in ever detail but that ALL Jews are like that.<br />
Double standard anyone?

actually, there are many, many Muslims who actively condemn terrorism done in the way of Islam. Just because the mainstream American media doesn't give them any coverage doesn't mean they exist at all. Heck, I am one of the people who condemns these things! Check out my profile and see the article I shared on the video. It was originally written by a Muslim scholar and shared by a Muslim journalist and then later by me. I bet, even after getting posted a million times by many different people, you have never come across it on the internet. Why? Because people only read what they want to read. People only see what they want to see.

Did you clearly read my post?
Because if you did you would have noticed that I did not say they won't condemn terrorism in a general vague sense.
I said they (most of them and that does not mean there can't be an exception or two but that hardly changes the minds of the other 1.1 billion) will not condemn specifically attacks against Jews in Israel as the terrorism it is?

Now are you saying you have posted an article where you specifically addressed the attacks against Jews in Israel as the terrorism, that it is?
Because you did not specify that in your post..
Speaking of which...How am I supposed to find it among all the things in your profile?
Is it in your stories, groups, friends, confessions, etc...Where?
Because I don;'t have hours to go looking and digging through everything you have ever posted anywhere in your profile to find it and it is not the first thing right at the top.
Kind of hard to accuse people of seeing only what they want when they have to go digging for hours through an obscure profile on a not so well known blog, to find it.

Thanks for this post.