Thoughts and prayers for all the hostages in Paris at the moment, and all those that have been injured and the families of those who have died.
It's time for Muslims to stand up and be counted in the fight against terrorism, otherwise they will take the brunt of everyone's anger on every street corner in Europe!
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Muslims are already massively standing up against terrorism.

I'm not seeing that myself! Where is the widespread condemnation of Islamic oppression, within their own communities? Oh, I forgot, it's a religion that's stuck in the dark ages!!

The Muslims in Germany just rape women in broad daylight!
And the Irish will protest against anything if you give them enough Guinness!
Try again!

Bla bla, anything to keep up the fear mongering and the paranoia. :) You ask for proof and then you try desperately to discredit it. Typical bigot!

Lol!! As soon as you call someone a bigot, you've lost the argument! Bye!! Lol

I'll call a bigot anyone who discriminately targets all Muslims and pretends that they are accomplices of terrorism.

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Reading the responses here it would seem most people probably don't know the facts. The terrorists that are doing these unspeakable things are only Muslim by name, it doesn't say anywhere in our scriptures that we're allowed to blow people up or cause harm, even when it comes to Jihaad, it clearly says that civilians and innocent people, women and children must be left unharmed. Of course, I know that these so called jihadists do whatever they please. They're only Muslim by name who do not properly know their own religion and who have a taste for blood and violence. Most Muslims absolutely 100% are against these terror groups and we condone their acts of violence.

Use your brain, there are more than 2 billions Muslims in the world, how can you see us all as being the same by the actions of a very small minority? Most Muslims you meet will not attempt to behead or blow you up.

*We do not condone.

Problem is you cant tell bad Muslims from the other s and their religion in general believes in suppressing women.

there is a case her ein America where a father and mother who were Muslim didn't like their daughter working or dating so they killed their daughter for it!!! its called mercy killing ! thank god they will spend the rest of their lives in jail! they said she brought shame upon the family even back in their home country !!!

Time for internment! Unless the so-called 'moderates' start to speak out. We are at war, and did we let Germans freely roam our streets between 1939 and 1945?

mick ..... Did the Germans in America? kill Jews? or was it just Hitler Germans? that were part of his arm force that killed Jews?

I don't know, I wasn't around in those days (contrary to popular belief!). But look at the huge rise in attacks on innocent Muslims in the UK in the last few weeks - it's human nature to fight back against a perceived threat (unless you're a gutless tw4t who videos a madman with a knife on their phone instead of taking them down! (Leytonstone tube station)).

So, by that logic, it's a safety measure for everyone - national security is maintained by taking out the potential threat, and the innocents are protected from reprisals.

But WW2 was much more than the persecution of Jews, wasn't it?

Ya, it was. As horrible as the extermination of the Jews was, there were many other people of different religions and nationalities who we were brutalized and murdered. Take a look at what the Japanese did in China alone. Consider the millions of Russians who died at the hands of the Germans, (and their own leader). It was a time when evil prevailed world wide.

A little bit like now?


Yes WW was all abut the persecution of the Jews !

You realize the US government apologized for Japanese internment and said it was a mistake, right?

what does the Japanese have to do with the Germans and Jews?

All I can say is thank God we didn't have ******* for leaders during WW2, unlike the pathetic apologists we have in charge now. Look no further than Obama - he couldn't run a bath, let alone a supposed super power! The only reason they will have made any apology is because Japan has one of the strongest economies in the world, so trade will benefit America! Just like the West have always stuck their noses into the Middle East - oil!

Unfortunately, greed makes the world go around...

I think we need to look at our congress, Obama hands are pretty much tied without congress approval, they are in power, unless he takes executive power.
Then the haters all come out crying that he doing something illegal! WHEN HE CHOOSES HIS RIGHT TO USE IT !
He even said in his speech that congress would not work with him !!

ISIS wants us over there on the ground fighting ! ISIS appeals to young men /women who are delusional about life, that thought once they grew up, got away from mama and papa that life would be better , then found out, oops I have to get my as up and work for a living, get an education,I have to work at having a good relationship! DAME LIFE IS HARD those loop holes society has set are difficult and I'm pist!!! attitude


YEA I think we should send a large portion of the refugees to japan and Africa and mexico ! why does it have to Europe and America?

Because the Japanese aren't a fighting force now. They are a nation of pacifists after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I'm not sure if they even have an operational army these days.

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It is more than time. If they can't cleanup their own house, right or wrong all will be painted with the same brush.

People have been shot and you fear for muslims? Why don't you wake up and start condemning extremist Islamic ideology and the moderates who empathise?

Read some of my posts! I'm lucky I haven't been banned for life from this site for my views on Islam...
I've already woken up mate, but my thoughts right now are with those poor people who are held hostage at fun and bomb point!

Try gun point. Damn autocorrect!

Brain washing? Excuse me, but the brain washed are the politically correct who embrace all this multi cultural nonsense. History has proven it doesn't work. Who's the mushroom now, nugget?



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It is time for Muslims to learn three words so much loved in Paris : Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite. Please stop hiding behind that medieval religion and come into enlightenment

Precisely! (Even though I've had to look up those words. My French only goes as far as "je m'appelle ..." And croissant!)