I think the important thing to remember is that Muslims are not the problem. Terrorists are the problem. Not all Muslims are terrorists, and not all terrorists are Muslim.

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yesss u are true,,, im a muslim and im not terorist,,, islam never teached us for hurt each other ....its sad when people use muslim name for a terorist activity,,,,

they kill more of each other than they do of us

It seems to me that sincere muslims, like members of any religion, are people who are seeking holiness and trying to relate to God as best they know how. And I could never dislike anyone for that.

Just like the catholic inquisition long ago, wicked people try to excuse their evil by cloaking it in religious terms. Blaming your God for your evil: can there be a greater sin? Decent muslims are, in a sense, victims of what groups like the taliban do.