A Bit Much

It all started with an innocent survey on the phone a few weeks ago now I'm been pestered constantly by various charities wanting money It wouldn't be too bad if it was just a one off payment but they're wanting money every month.

Gaz7 Gaz7
51-55, M
9 Responses Feb 23, 2010

They've stopped since i wrote this story, It was just over a period of about two weeks it was just one after another everyday.

Register with the telephone preference service, This is a list of people who DONT want cold calls of any kind.

Ugh, they actually dictated you as to how much to give? *shakes head*

Do what I do, Gaz.. Ask them what underwear they're wearing.

What gets me is they tell you how much they want!

I'm with Jo, just tell them that you already donate to other charities - you can't support everyone!

They're very persistent.

They have become cold callers, tell them you already give to charities by paying in the tin, & wish them good luck in the future, it works. Good luck I hope it works.

They don't want to take no for an answer they can't take the hint.