John And Karen And Stephanie Graham Are Stalking Me

I found out my brother has been telling people I had sex with him when I was a child and its  not true.   we only ever played doctors and nurses types games that my older sister and older cousins  played on me also until the age of 7 or 8 ..its not like I really even knew what it was.  it was just a game and there was never any penetrative sex involved.  It does not make me a pedo

then I think they have been making out that I molested their daughter while looking after her and I never molested her.  I think its so they can stop people from liking me.

my brother and his 6itch wife are evil sicko smug ruthless people.  my sister in-law just likes to make me feel less than her and goes around stealing any guys I like ... she is so jealous of me she can't bare to see me look gorgeous and she wants me to be fat and ugly....

I hate my sister in law who is a complete mental control freak wh ore..... she is a dog and wh ore ... she walks over my brother and my brother allows her to walk all over his family... Karen Law Graham is a meglo manic son of who re who has been used to getting her own way with men all her life. 

they treat me and my sister as if we are spastic... I am sure my sister would have played doctors and nurses games on him also.... since he has been with karen he shows insane hatred to us as a family and looks down on his older sisters.....

he puts my father and mother down as well,  behind their back and is disrespectful to everyone.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

my sister was going around in the 80s and 90s telling people I molested her when we were kids ... well she was the one doing it to me first when i was about 3 or 4 ... it was just a game she was doing to sympathy from people and it worked ... she got everyone hating me... and even prince william threw a water bomb at me ... obviously siding with that manx of a girl. ... my sister has literally killed me off as the middle child she has always abused me... she hates nice men liking me ... she forced me to go out with her spastic ugly yobbo male fools .... always yelling and demanding I go out with them to help her, or I was forced to look after her son while she went night clubbing with drug addicts.<br />
<br />
my sister is the Kane and I am the Able...!