Omg! I'm Being Stalked !

The guy i have been dating turned weird on me, last night i decided to end the relationship between us. I had taken enough of being controlled and seen as a posession by this man. He then tried to turn my daughter against me by trying to talk her into making me do what he wanted. She refused, he then hung up on her. Later today he called both of us, we rejected his calls so he starts harassing me with childish yet menacing messages. Not long after that he shows up at the door! i then He keeps saying your stuck with me, this man is nuts!
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Did you report to police?

It was strange because he never knocked or did a thing. Hes playing a game, because of it the police cannot do a thing.

Not in my country i'm afraid.


if push comes to shove, i have a louisville slugger bat right next to my bed.

dear lord no lol

Its turned into more than just that now, hes trying to scare my grandson who is an infant! Hes made bogus claims that hes called the police, as to why i dont know. He came last night banging on the dors, shinning flashlights into the windows, and more. I got ahold of some thugs i know so i wont last long lol!
I'm going to the sherrifs office today to file for a restraining order.

Yep, big barley men should put an end to it, thanks!

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