She Wanted to Arrange My Dad Funeral

I'm so angry and sad and cofuse its crazy. My aunt wanted to make my dad funeral arrangements. She just stood infront of me and told me " I will do it, just go back to the house" like I was a damn little girl. When my dad was sick she never asked how he was or offer herself to help me, and she lives pretty near my dad house .  She came to the hospital  when my dad was almost dead . I dont need her, and i frankly don't want  her help,   the ones who has to make decitions its me and my sister not her. it's our right because we are his daughters. I told her I dont needed her help and that I'm capable to make decitions about what to do with my dad, she just looked me so angry and left. I dont care
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2007

I"m glad I did too mamy, I proved her "i'm capable to make my own desitions and that i didnt need her helped all .

i'm glad you stood up for yourself!

I think it's only right that you and your sister are the ones who make the decisions.<br />
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Even if she did have good intentions, she behaved in an utterly inappropriate way, especially given how she had been conspicuously absent up until now. <br />
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Good on you for standing up to her, you did the right thing.