I Just Witnessed A Robbery Attempt!

So I'm waiting for my dude to get off work, and I see this guy creeping around so I call my dude. I'm just like "Hey man, sketchy guy with a ski mask on is creeping around." The dude with a ski mask takes the ski mask off in front of a ******* camera then picks up a rock puts the ski mask on and breaks a window. It was a three pane window so he didn't get threw I told my dude what was up and dipset. The cops got there and asked me to come back so I did, stoned off my *** haha. Told them what I saw and they took my info and told me I'd be in contact if they caught someone who looked liked him. Then of course my dude and I met up somewhere else hahaha and I got the good. But how ******* crazy!?!?!? Had to rant and tell someone, just something I couldn't keep to myself haha.
ThisRegularGuyHere ThisRegularGuyHere
22-25, M
Dec 9, 2012