That Sometimes........

~ Even if I deserve it...........It doesn't mean I'll get it. I believe with my whole heart & soul that I not only deserve love, but work hard at it. What I have come to realize in the last little while (thanks in part to said dumb heart), that it really doesn't mean I'll get it. I wonder now, with the hurt I'm feeling, if it had been easier when I thought I didn't deserve it. Oh well, c'est la vie.............. I guess I'll live, what's a bit more pain between a heart & a soul.... ~

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Love will find you Teri. Just let it happen all by itself. You are special and yes you deserve it, but I believe you will find happiness again someday,

everyone of us om earth deserves love and is not your fault that it didn`t work dosen`t help for me to say it .but it is true.we all hope for it.and someday you will find it.just try to keep on breathing .and it well come to you.