Has He Cheated On Me.. I'm So Confused

I was living away from home for a few months with my boyfriend when i discovered i was pregnant so i came home and his friend went up and stayed with him, i was so confused where i wanted to be.

My boyfriend was telling me his friend was cheating on his girlfriend with this girl but i didnt say anything to anyone, my boyfriend told me over the phone he loved me and would never do that to me, eventually i couldnt stand it anymore and decided that i should leave to be with him once more.

Once i stepped foot in the door where we had been staying i noticed alot of condoms in a bowl next to the door, in the back of my mind i was feeling a bit worried cos i knew his friend usually doesn't wear them. 

The next thing that happened i grabbed his phone one day cos he wouldn't get out of bed and he totally went sick at me saying he would snap my phone in half if i didn't give it back to him, why would anyone say that if they have nothing to hide, if he had been cheating on me i know who it would be .

This girls number was written in one of his books 3 times, i had told him alot of times that i didn't like this girl but he kept talking to her.

I came home for the last time, once he got back i read his phone with out him knowing and saw a message from that girl saying "why do you turn your feelings on and off towards me", i didn't know what to think.

And now a few days ago his friend who is now not his friend said that my boyfriend was cheating on me the whole time he was staying there with that *****.. who do i believe the friend who is a cheater or my boyfriend who says he respects me too much?.

85liz 85liz
22-25, F
Jun 6, 2007