Yea I'm Crushing On Billie :)

I am a huge Billie Piper fan!

I think there are so many things about her that are downright fascinating, at least for me. When I was introduced to Doctor Who by M101 she was the Doctors companion for two seasons and I really grew to love her in that role.

I watched her grow as an actress ss she transitioned into playing a high class call girl in Showtimes Secret Diary of a call girl.

I recently started reading her book "Growing Pains" which is very good. I can barely put this book down, pouring through the details of the life of a singer. In fact Billie's singing career takes up most of the book.

She continues to fascinate me with all she gives to her audience. She truly has blossomed into a great actress and is multi dimensional.

So yea I am crushing a little on Billie Piper :)

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8 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Glad you have joined the crushin' on BP club, hon...LOL :P<br />
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You SO need to see the Sally Lockhart mysteries before Matt Smith takes over as Doctor Who next month. You will not forgive yourself if you don't. <br />
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Thanks all1rog! Me too.. not alot of it lately but I am trying :)

LOL- I love it FG!! <br />
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What is about the Sci-fi guys?

hehe! I am in such a freaking good mood girl. It is good to be me.

You got that right FG!!! LOL

Isn't it always the hot men that get us into science fiction? LOL I like Dr Who but I must admit I started watching it because of a guy lol.

Hey there WIB!! Yes she is very attractive and a good actress, I love her showtime series. <br />
I know a little about Chris Evans but I am reading more and more and I ordered two more books from the UK about her...

She's a good actress and a nice looking woman! She's well known in England as the ex-wife of a TV celebrity too who is now a radio dj - Chris Evans. Her split from him was well publicized at the time.