help me im So Confused About This Situation.please help I dont know what to do cuz im im love with him now

I have been flirting with my boss since I got to my job,he would wink and smile at me all the time.i didnt think nothing of one day he helped me do some work one day and we started talking about our he tells me he has a girlfriend and baby at home so im like wow congrads.after we talk about his life we became more and more flirty,chit chatty at work.i gave him my number because I needed somebody to talk to because I was stressed out a few days to a week later he texts me.after my boss texts me(hes 24 im 24)we get to talking and texting as friends,so I didnt have a ride to work and he texted me while im at work with him when im on break when im not on break when im going home when im at home and everything.after he gives e a ride home he tells me like I need to use the restroom I say cone in so after he uses the restroom he sits down In the living room we talk chit chat.after that I tell him im going upstairs to my room to get the laundry done take a shower and just chill.he comes upstairs and we chill laugh joke,he starts tickling me and then I tell him im going to the bathroom to gey cleaned up.he sits on my bed and just chills.i come out the bathroom after taking my shower and he gives me a hug and starts kissing me.he told me previously that he has a girlfriend and kid at home(he stays with his girlfriends parents)so we end up having sex more then 5 times.after each time we hve sex hes like I really like u u have my head all messed story short he tells me he loves me afterwards so his girlfriend finds out and calls me and tells me can he come live witb you and I tells her yes he not going to lie I love him so much that its gotten to the point where he texts me calls me all the time.what do I do because he is my boss and I have feelings for him.deep feelings
mzredma24 mzredma24
22-25, F
May 13, 2012