Here Kitty Kitty

Now I am an animal lover... I have my own cat that I keep inside and take full responsibility for. It is summer and I walk out to my Jeep which had the top off and in my drivers seat their is a pool of cat urine. My intention was to let my neighbors know so that they would keep an eye out and maybe deter their cat if possible... and really I wanted them to accept a little accountability. I am rational and realistic and I know cats do whatever they want... but I hate taking care of my animals and making sure they are not a nuisance (sp?) to only have to deal with everyone else's. Anyway, it did not turn out well at all.... they yelled and cussed and I told them what I thought of them. We were not friendly for almost a year. But life is too short to not be friends with your neighbors and life is difficult enough without forgiveness in it... so we have overcome the cat urine!!!! Friends again....

howdidigethere howdidigethere
36-40, F
Feb 10, 2009