Well One...

I have had two sets evicted as they were renting and I own, and they were sneaking people in, with seven adults and five children living in a two bedroom apartment which then created flooding from the bathroom into the main communal hall due to misuse of the bathroom through overcrowding.  I threatened legal action against the landlord as he would not repair it and said I would also contact social services, as there were five children sleeping in one room - they have since been moved out and he is fixing my part of the hall.

The ones in the same apartment before them, were quiet but kept giving the apartment to their kid sister.  Who would have parties until 4am, i shouted at her, she told me not to get my knickers in a twist, i told her i would strangle her with my knickers, had her fined three times for noise pollution and the landlord had to take on the costs, as he is responsible for it, so he evicted them.

but my favourite one to be despised by is Mark as he really hates me though. He is my upstairs neighbour.  He hit on my partner the first day he was here and i was at work.  He is a snob, and he drives a mini-cooper with driving gloves and tweed jackets (he is 25).  He shops in primark, but takes his House of Fraser and Gucci bags with him so he can put what he buys inside.  He slagged off my partner as my partner has a lotus elise sportscar which he has put away for winter, and is driving my ford feista, to which Mark asked, was the recession hitting him with a smirk

Mark tries to do DIY at 2am, then discovered that I could put the surround system on at that time and only annoy him out of the neighbours and stopped, he refers to me as 'the ***** downstairs' and i refer to him as 'the ***** upstairs'


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