Congestive Heart Failure

It leaves you with massive fluid retention, shortness of breath and fatigue. The heart is enlarged because it is trying to cope with its increased demand.  Blood pressure is up because of the fluid retention.  As the illness progresses, fluid fills the lungs and it becomes impossible to sleep and even to walk just a few steps.

Compounding my situation, there is a bronchogenic cyst sitting on my trachea and right bronchial tube.  Whether it is the cyst causing my chest pain, or whether it is because it touches my heart and irritates it, causing the arteries to spasm, I do not know.  But frequently I have symptoms that are just like having a heart attack, only it is not a heart attack.

I also have two very arthritic knees needing to be replaced and a very bad back I have written about elsewhere.  A number of pathologies have resulted in severe central canal stenosis of the lumbar spine.  This causes severe pain, numbness and weakness in both legs, a severe limp and periodic incontinence.    

I am hoping to beat the congestive heart failure so I can have surgery to remove the cyst, give me two new knees and a spinal laminectomy for pain relief and bowel and bladder control.

And I am determined to beat it.  Mind you, at this early stage it is not looking all that great.  I am on a lot of lasix to relieve fluid retention and unless I am lying down in bed resting it doesn't work.

Nevertheless, I am determined to persevere.  I am still working full time.  I come home and go straight to bed.  Resting as much as possible is essential for me.  Keeping my feet up is also essential.  I have been teaching my children to cook.  My husband is doing most of the housework.  I am losing weight and eating healthy and doing whatever bits and pieces of exercise I can manage in my state of pain and debilitation.  Every little bit helps.  If you are reading this story, a prayer on my behalf would be greatly appreciated.  
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56-60, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

its nice to read that youve learned exactly what is wrong and its terrific that youre getting some help at home. you sound so much better than what you did some months ago. im so glad to know you will persevere, Perseverer

Clarkee, you are right. Half the battle is knowing exactly what the problem is. Now it is just a matter of working out how to resolve it. I see the neurosurgeon on Thursday; this will be a consultation of major importance for me. Altogether I am indeed feeling much more positive.