After A Small Accident

I now usually wear diapers to work if I am wearing a suit, which is becoming more and more lately. Usually I work from home, but recently my company has asked me to be more hands on as I have been promoted several times. I made the decision to diaper myself after an accident where I had had too much coffee and was desperate to go, but I couldn't exactly run through the building to the restroom. I made it to the bathroom door about to start, and I thought I could make it but I couldn't get my suit pants undone fast enough. I started peeing and midstream I finally was able to undo the pants and aim at the toilet. Luckily I had only peed about 1/3 of my bladder and the suit pants soaked most of it so it didn't ruin my shoes or anything. I also had very dark pants on, so it was very hard to see the wetness. It was the end of the day and most people had already gone home, so I was able to sneak to my desk where I had an extra pair of pants. I slipped into an extra conference room and changed, then went back to my desk. I was very lucky that time, but I didn't want to risk something like that happening again so I ordered some diapers and have worn them ever since. I love the comfort, and the ones I got are very discreet and absorbent. I have found it actually increases my productivity because I don't have to get up and walk halfway across the building to get to the bathrooms. Plus I can keep them in my office desk drawers without having to worry about people finding them. I sneak them in with a briefcase, which is perfectly sized for diapers I might add, then put them into my desk drawer. On the other hand, my girlfriend finds it incredibly sexy when I tell her stories of how I pee right in front of my coworkers and they have no idea. If you haven't already started wearing diapers to work, I highly recommend it.
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Sep 25, 2012