NOT DIAPERS, BUT PULL UPS. When i began to have accidents at work and wet my pants, i started wearing pads in my underwear but hated the feel of them. So, my wife bought me pull-ups to wear. They worked better and were more absorbent, but they had the cloth-like cover which i found became clammy and even wet on the outside if my pull-up got too wet and i wasn't able to change it. I didn't want to have to wear diapers to work, but i wear them now day and night because i have to.
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Pull-ups are a good solution if you have urgency problems but are not yet fully ****-incontinent. They hold enough to make you feel secure. I always wear pullups these days to attend theatres, formal dinners and the like. They're obviously more bulky than normal underwear (though not so obvious as full capacity nappies) and the crinkly surface texture could show through trousers. You feel self-conscious but in practice nobody notices, they're too concerned getting on with their own lives.

You have hit the nail on the head. No one notices in 99 times out of a hundred and those that do never say anything. They have better things to do than look at the butts of 60+ year old men to check out if they have diapers on, right? And if they have them on, so what--- the only people who care are the people wearing them. I always get a kick out of the people who tell how they wear "diapers in public" with great relish and
bravado. If it makes them feel brave or "naughty" i'm glad, but the fact is nobody much sees or cares unless you deliberately bring attention to the fact

I have a problem with the pullups leaking out of the top and leg areas and don't like to undress to change them

I understand. It got to where i had to wear plastic pants over them if i didn't want leaking, especially around the leg holes. I really didn't like them, and still don't. They never really felt like underwear to me, in spite of how they are advertised. Plus they tended to bunch up under my clothes. To me they are low-rise diapers without the protection of a plastic-cover diaper, like Abena or Dry 24/7.

You should just wear diapers then

I do. Abena and Dry 24/7. Have for a long time.

If you want to wear something over your pullups in public I find rubber pants are better than plastic ones as they don't bunch up under you clothes so much.

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