I'm Different and I Dig It!

So what I'm different?
Who would want to have a normal life like everyone else?
So what if I see things they don't?
So what if I can't be in the dark without seeing light?
So what if I can tell you your deepest feeling or your deepest fear just by looking in your eyes?
So what if I don't have  as many friends as you do?

I'm different. My life will never be like some other teenager, my life would never take the same roads as theirs...

I see what many others don't...I'm what normal teenagers would call a freak or a git if they knew.
I don't have many friends but those who I got know me truly and don't judge me for what I can do, for what I can see or know.

Thanks to the Gods that there're more people like me and that I'm finally getting to know them because now I can say thank you to them for being here for me.
Thanks to those true friends I can say:

I'm different and I dig it!
SilentEve SilentEve
26-30, F
5 Responses May 24, 2007

This was very well-written. I'm trying to think that being different isn't all so bad. It's what makes us truly unique. I've had problems of being different most of my life. Mostly being one of the only asians in an all white and black school. I am now finding out being different is a good thing and distinguishes us from the ordinary same everyday people.

I, too am different than most people, and I don't mind it, really. The thing I do mind, however, is the stigma that's all too often associated with being different, and due to past bad experiences, there are people I don't dare reveal my differences to, because I fear consequences such as rejection, degradation, or abuse of some sort or other.

Well, I like you for being different :) To be different is to be gifted! And you truly are! :D

as your bro sais go,go,go.<br />
Im glad your feelin more open and more confident,<br />
love and light <br />
spk soon Phoenix xxx

Aleluia!! lol! :P<br />
Go sis, go! ;)