It is exceptionally challenging to be so extremely passionate and in need of physical affection and never getting any.......What I long for and miss the most, ......KISSING......One of the things that I'm good at and love to do, but never get, just go with out. I would give anything to have a man grab me unexpectedly and put his warm lips on mine for a kiss that takes my breath away, passionately intensifies and weakens my knees, leaves me speechless and my lips are throbbing.........
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You'll make a good soft erotica writer :)

Cool...maybe that's what I need to do.....I've always been a very descriptive, overly detailed comp professor in college used to tell me that I had way to much extra fluff..but was always able to see what I saw or feel the feelings that I had at the time I wrote what ever it was I wrote.....I like to write, it is how I can express my self best......Maybe I should try it sometime...... ;-)

You should ;)

<<<<<mischievous grin creeps on to face>>>>

*Grin spreads across face* I'll be happy to read anything you give me

Ok.....let me get my word processor out, opened and ready.....and I will throw something together and then send it to you and you can pretend to be my

Lol sure

Aahhhhh I see now said the blind I just looked at your profile and read that you like to write as well and erotica just happens to be the genre you I say......lay it on me.......I am a very good critic and will honestly tell you how good you are.........So maybe we should both whip one up and share and compare......??????

Sure, though most of mine tend to have rape/Anal :/

I see.....Anal....I can live with but I have to ask....Rape...Seriously?

A lot if people have weird tastes :/

I'm sorry rape is not weird......its twisted and evil

You don't understand , some people fantasize about rape, and a fair amount if then come from this site

Seriously? I've only been on this site for 3 days, so there's not much I know yet....
So let me ask, why fantasize about raping someone? The whole domination aspect? Overpowering your victim? Beating them or threatening them into submission? Being able to dump your load in an unwilling, resisting body?

You should visit a high security Prison for 1 day.....because there are animals in there that would be more than happy to show you what rape is all about.....and I bet when you left, you wouldn't fantasize about it any more....unless of course your gay and like it that way?

If your a good erotic writer, than you write about any topic! I would really like to read one of your writings but I'm afraid your going to have to come up with a better topic....then those two. Step out side the box....

I started outside the b

Ox, then I was confronted to make those erotica, and so I did, I have another without that, do you want to hear it? :/


We come to a ring of trees, mighty oaks with a park bench in the center. I sit down and place you into my lap, with you facing me. I hug you close, your breasts are pressed against me, and I can feel your hard nipples on my chest. I come in close, and kiss your nice, soft neck. I grab your sweet ***, and I bring you closer. You can feel almost a stick pressing against your *****. My hands fall low, and go up the back of your shirt. My hands run up your spine slowly, sending chills up your back, pressing your ***** closer to me. You hear me unbuttoning your bra strap.

Shall I continue?

well of course.....

That took a while for a response :/

because my dear I am multitasking....and have other things to do too, other than just sit here waiting for a response......Don't worry, you have my attention.

I slide my fingers around your breasts, slowly getting closer and closer to your nipples. I get to your hard, warm nipples. I pinch them lightly. You moan with pleasure as I massage your breasts, slowly, squeezing them, and touching your hard nipples. I stop playing with your breasts, and grabbing your neck, I bring you in close for a kiss. I kiss you on the lips, and I insert my tongue into your sweet, warm mouth. Your tongue enters my mouth as we French kiss.

Not to bad, kid......actually its quite a good start, good amount of detail that draws a nice picture....I was caught at the kiss...(not just because it was where you ended, but also because I absolutely love it, miss it and want it so bad) has the attention grabbing ability that makes you want to read more.......a little bit more story/background, and not stopping where you did but describing the kiss in detail would have it a lot better, because right at the moment I feel like I'm left your teasing me......which by no means is a bad thing, yet its not satisfying nor fulfilling.....It's kinda like someone having your favorite candy in their hand...showing it to you, so that you are aware they have have them ****** it away from you as you go to take it out of their hand.......teasing you.....(make sense) but you did do another thing really good, which was probably your intention.....but now I find myself mind is now focused on that damn piece of candy, and I really want it.......

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